Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moldova? Where the heck is that?!

Most of you probably have no idea where Moldova is. I'd have to say at least half of the people I've told about Moldova have NO idea where it is. Well, its in Eastern Europe, sandwiched between Romaia and Ukraine.

I haven't learned my actual site yet- Ill find out in August- but Ill most likely be in a small town or village. There, I will live with a host family and probably wont be near many other voluteers. (Luckily most volunteers have internet access in their homes so Im keeping my fingers crossed that my host family will have internet in their home!) Most families have their own gardens, make their own wine, and love to cook and eat (yay!). The climate isn't all that different from Minnesota. Summers are warm and humid- average temperature is around 80. Winters are cold and can stay below zero for weeks.

My title will be Health Educator for Schools and Community. I will be teaching health to kids in all grades up through 12th. I will also spend time int he lcoal community health center and probably do outreach programs or a monthly program for the community. I wont have a lot of info on my actual assignment until August.

What happens when I get to Moldova?? I land there on June 8th. From June 8th till about August 5th I will be in training- learning Romanian, cross-cultural training, and technical skills. As of now, I can count to 30, say hello and goodbye, and introduce myself... so I have a loooong way to go!!

Until next time :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And so it begins

The countdown has officially begun:
2 weeks left of my internship.
4 weeks left of school.
8 weeks left in the United States!

Yes, its all happened much faster than I thought possible, but I couldn't be happier. I have a lot of preparing to do (aka shopping!) and its a bit overwhelming. How in the world am I supposed to pack a year of clothes into two suitcases and a carry on?! Its potentially a girl's worst nightmare! But hey, I think I'll manage :)

I've been given a mentor, named Cristy. She is currently a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) in Moldova and has been such a blessing. Its so great having someone to give me pointers and help prepare me for when I leave! She even mentioned that some volunteers adopt dogs while living in Moldova.... hmmm I think I might have to look into that :)

I haven't gotten the official leave date yet, but I know my first day of training in Moldova is June 9th and I have training in the US June 7-8. Looks like Ill be leaving the 6th!

We're in the process of planning my going away party, so no worries, Ill have many hugs to give and will happily accept many before its time to say "la revedere" (goodbye)!