Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Thursday in the Life of ME!

What a long and interesting day today was…

It began like everyday does. Around 5am I first hear the rooster crowing. Then 30minutes later, give or take a few, the cow starts mooing. It’s a little after 6 now and my host dad is up and working, so the dog is now barking as well. I definitely don’t need an alarm clock here J

By 6:30 it was time for me to get up, get dressed, have breakfast (toast and milk fresh from the cow-don’t tell Peace Corps… Im not supposed to drink it!), straighten my room, and head off to school. The school is just about a 2 minute walk from my house so that part is the least of my worries.

Thus begins my day:

7:30-8:15 class with grade 9a

8:15-10 Plan next week’s lectures… well we only accomplished 1/8.

10-10:45 Head home and relax/ play some solitaire/ pick up materials that I forgot this morning in my 7am stupor.

10:55-11:40 Class with grade 9b

11:45-12:30 Club with grades 7 and 8

12:30-12:50 Head home (against my will) for lunch in the short 20 minute break I have. Also, while walking down the hall, receive 2 hugs from students and an apple (I think that officially makes me a teacher).

12:50-1:35 Class with grade 6. One of my students praised me afterwards, telling me that he is so happy I am here from America and he can not wait to learn about health.

1:35-4 Proceed home for my second lunch of the day. I said that I wasn’t hungry because I already at lunch an hour ago. I was told that it is better to have to meals than to spankings. I cant disagree with that…

4:10-4:55 Class with grade 5. One of my students wrote a poem about me. Ill have to get a hold of that and share J

5-5:45 Class with grade 8 (aka obraznic- cheeky). This one started out well. My partner began talking and the kids were listening, shuffling some, but attentive for the most part. Then it was my turn to talk. I simply was inviting them to join the club and then introducing myself. I got one sentence out before they burst out laughing. Yes, laughing at me. I must say, that is the first time I have ever flat out been laughed at. I guess there is a first time for everything. Yes, it hurt my feelings a little bit. But lets be serious, my language is the best it can be after 3 months or learning, so I cant blame them too much. It paid off because while they laughed for a few minutes, my partner went and got the principal. While the principal scolded them, my partner and I ate watermelon in the teacher’s lounge. The rest of class was smooth, minus a few who had to suddenly get up and leave because they were trying so hard not to laugh. You cant take life too seriously and the best I can do is laugh it off as well!

It is now 6:45 and Im done for the day! Ill probably waste some time on the internet and read a mindless book before I take the time to prepare for tomorrow. I don’t have lessons tomorrow, but I do have a lot of planning to do.

Part of my job is also to work at the medical center, tomorrow Im going to stop by… lets hope that it is more successful than my 8th grade lesson J

Just another day in my life in Moldova, always interesting, always full of surprises, always has ups and always has downs. Aside from the few minor set backs today, Ill go to bed happy because I have a great host family, great partners, a bunch of students and professors who cannot wait to learn from me, and a lot of people in the US and Moldova who I love and love me J


  1. hang in there cristen! students can be that way... especially those darn 8th graders. we are all impressed that you are able to teach in a new language after only 3 months. i think i took french for 4 years and german for 2 and couldn't possibly get up in front of a class and teach anything! haha. hope you have a great day tomorrow! we do love you!

  2. wait why aren't you supposed to drink the milk???