Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have two theories about socks here in Moldova. My first theory is that the importance of the sock was unbeknownst to me until this October. The second theory is that all Moldovans are conspiring against me in an effort to convince me to wear socks. Yes, the first one is probably more likely, but bear with me, and maybe you’ll believe my conspiracy theory as well.

The first occasion upon which my sockless feet were an issue was early October. I left for school wearing flats and my host mom and sister both mentioned that I should put on socks so I don’t get sick. I evaded the situation and told them I was fine… because who wants to wear black socks with brown flats?! The next night at dinner, my host mom looks under the table and sees that my feet are, again, sockless. She yells “Cristen, I told you to wear socks!” I should have seen this coming.

For the rest of October, I have been told multiple times every week to wear socks. Now it has become kind of a joke. I just laugh when she tells me to put on my socks. Plus I’ve given in, and I go put them on.

Then yesterday, my partner teacher mentioned that I must be cold without socks. Then shortly after, another teacher said the same. All I could thing was: my coworkers now too?!

Conspiracy… okay, probably not. But be warned. In Moldova, you can find ways to avoid eating too much (Moldovans are the most hospitable people in the world and relentlessly offer you more food) but you can’t get along without a good old pair of socks.

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